viernes, 17 de noviembre de 2017

Agreements Finnish meeting

  • Do a Symbaloo with 30 games.
    • Add the game picture with link 
    • chart with description-chart  
    • picture of a student using the game 
    • into the Magnemathicts -blog.

    • Add a picture of a student using the game with a comment into the Erasmus+Mathematicts -blog
    • After completing the 30 games in the Magnemathics-blog, publish the finished Symbaloo in the Magnemathics-blog.

  • Daily blog into the Erasmus+Magnemathics -blog (13. - 17.11.2017
    • Pictures of events every day during the meeting

  • Create three Livebinder -binders
    • Manipulative math
    • Curriculum
    • Games in your own game
  • Link the binders into the MagneMathICT -binder
  • Publish your national binders in the Magnemathicts  -blog

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