jueves, 17 de mayo de 2018

Agreement. Vilnius meeting.

  •   Partners support the coordinator school in the process of writing the final report.
  •  Write newspaper articles, newsletter to HOPE website.
  •  Disseminate the project in mass media.
  • Students who have used the symbaloo games will be show other students to use them.
  •  To motivate grandparents and parents use mathematics resources from MagneMathIcts at home.
  • To allow people to self-study at home through e-learning (online)
  • To hold parental meetings to demonstrate the MagneMathIcts website and its advantages (free service, available to all, easy to use, for all levels, entertaining and fun)
  •  To hold a meeting with all schools in the local area to introduce the MagneMathIcts website.
  • Publish everything we do about the project on the blog.
  • Label correctly on the blog.

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